Payment options showing on front end when unchecked in the backend


I am a new MM member who is setting up the site for the first time. I only wish to use Stripe as my payment gateway however on the front end it is showing all of the offline payment methods (Coinbase, Paypal and Clickbank (even though these are definitely unchecked in the Payment settings window).

Has anyone else experienced this? If so what was the fix?

Thanks in advance



Hi Sharon, 

It sounds like you are using the Divi Layout pack checkout template as your Checkout page. If so, you can edit the checkout page to remove the code for those payment options that you are not going to be using. You can edit the checkout page, along with other pages, by following the editing tips outlined here in the following article:

If you have any other questions, feel free to submit a ticket or email our support team at We are always happy to help when we can :) 

Hi Lonnie,

Thanks for the reply and the suggested fix, I must admit I'm a bit bemused at the recommended fix though. Why do the check boxes on the back end not work with Divi? The removal of code is OK but what if I want to add Paypal or another option back in the future? Will I have to add the code back in? This means I now need to store the code somewhere?

Look forward to your reply



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