Wordpress Settings General - Membership Anyone can register - On or Off?

Over the past few months, I've been getting some spam/fake/bot signups to my website, and not through my Membership signup checkout page. I'm 99% sure these are coming through the default wordpress login/registration page that I believe is established because I have this set in my Wordpress settings:

Settings > General > Membership >  Anyone can register > (checked for yes)

When I setup MemberMouse, I made the assumption these needed to be checked  in order for MemberMouse to be able to create new users in my database(s). But, now that I am getting bots signing up, I'm not so sure. 

I can't find any information in the MemberMouse support pages whether this setting can be turned off and still have people signup for my paid Membership areas.

Can someone tell me if I can turn this off to prevent bot signups?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Curtis!  Hope things are going well with the launch. (Other than the registration issue)  The "Anyone can register' box does not have to be checked in WordPress in order to register members in MemberMouse.  That may should definitely help curtail the type of signups you're referring to.  There are also some good SPAM registration plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory you can use to filter signups in general by IP or email patterns if you're still having any issues after disabling direct WordPress signups through the checkbox and are seeing any similarities between the registered accounts. 

Oh good — great to hear I can safely turn that off! So, now that someone can't register through the /wp-login/ page link, I think this for sure will remove any chance for these spam registrations to occur. But, I will keep the plugins in mind if for some reason they are still finding a way to register.

Thanks Sara!

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