What are differences between the 'Plans'?

Hi, I'm logging-in to my account dashboard for 1st time, I aded the site's url, then there's a dropdown asking to select a Plan, where can I find a list of each plan's features?



Hey Kev, 

You can compare the different plans side by side here: Pricing Options and Features

Hope this is helpful :) 

Hi Lonnie,

thanks for the link, but that page shows 'Starter' 'Advanced' 'Premium'  - what are 'starter' and  'growth'?

Just to clarify....Based on the screenshot you sent, you are already on the Starter plan. The dropdown menu in the License Management section is used only for upgrading or downgrading. So until you are interested in upgrading to another plan, you do not have to select any plan from that dropdown menu.

The Builder and Growth plans have the same feature set as the Starter plan. The difference lies in the member limit. The Starter plan allows for up to 1,000 members ($19.95/month), the Builder plan up to 5,000 ($39.95/month) and the Growth plan up to 10,000 ($59.95). 

Then, as you see in the link provided above, the Advanced and Premium plans have different feature sets as well as higher member limits.

Hello Cynthia! Based on your answer, here is my question. Are we getting charged for only paid members or the total amount of members (including free and paid)? I'm asking this question to clarify how we should understand the 1000 member limit for the starter plan. Thank you very much. 

Hi Allan,

Both paid and free ACTIVE members are included in the member limit total. Canceled members are not included.

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