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I can only find one post about this, but I want to be able to show the featured image, metadata, and excerpt on all posts if not a member, but members get access to the whole post. Or another thought would be to redirect to a specific error page, and informs them to sign up and provides links. I have customized my error page already using the smart tags. But I want when they click a post, to be able to see part of it, then when they are not a member, they will see a "learn more" or a "buy membership (however I set that up) type things to happen?  It just feels a little clunky to allow them to see the posts on a blog page, and when they click it, it goes to an error page. And I am not trying to bash here at all, because Membermouse has been awesome to set up and get going so far. I just want some finesse. 

With SmartTags, MemberMouse gives you a lot of flexibility to show and hide different content on the same page depending on any number of criteria such as member, non-member, and has purchased a specific product, membership level or bundle, as well as many others. SmartTags Overview video and article will give you a good idea of what is broadly possible. 

For this particular question of showing teaser content, we have a few good resources. First, there is a support article - Show Teaser Content to Non-Members . We also did a really in-depth blog post on the subject - How To Create Content That Markets Itself . Lastly, our founder Eric Turnnessen answered a question about this during our weekly Office Hours Q&A . This section of the session can be found on YouTube at Show a Content Excerpt Followed by a Sign Up for Full Access

Also, generally the article 6 Most Used SmartTags is a good way to dip your toe into all the possibilities and flexibility that SmartTags allow.

If you still have questions for your specific setup, reach out to our team directly at!

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