eCommerce bundle subscription question - member privileges vs cold traffic

Greetings all,

Can you please tell me if this is possible:

1. I would like my eCommerce shop to have standard prices on display for non-members

2. I would like my monthly paying members to be able to order custom bundles with set quantities based on their membership tier - i.e. Membership Price Plan A allows you to select and order 3 'free' items per month that you can choose from a catalogue of 50+ items, Price plan B allows you to order 5 'free' items per month etc

3. If you try to request more than your bundle/price plan allows, you will be blocked/warned from doing so.

Is this possible with member mouse or will I need a custom build?

Many thanks,



Hello Anthony, 

MemberMouse can help you with the 1st step right out of the box. That said, for your second and 3rd parts of your setup, you would indeed need a custom build. We have many customers that have found help getting their exact custom needs met by working with with a MemberMouse Qualified contractor. you can see that full list of implementation partners here:

If you have any other questions, you can always submit a ticket to the MemberMouse support team or shoot them an email anytime at 



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