SUCURI and Membermouse

Good day to all, I will need to implement SUCURI Website Security Platform. Does anyone have experience with this? Any caveats? Is there a setup guide someone per chance wrote?



Our site ran with Sucuri for quite a while. But when there's a problem, it's pulling teeth to get action. Ultimately, I decided their customer support became our backend weak link and bailed on them. If there's a problem and you're not an enterprise customer then you can have lots of downtime waiting for a response. 

Configuration can indeed be a problem and it's best to find a web host that has a configuration guide for Sucuri. At least then you know the host knows how to support this setup. But I found CDN configuration to be tricky, potentially opening a hole that I was paying Sucuri to close.

We replaced Sucuri with Wordfence and I've had no complaints. It's not a proxy service like Sucuri but it's been working well for us for the past year and reduces the complexity of our setup when working with 3rd party programmers.


- patrick

Thx for the feedback Patrick, much appreciated!

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