SmartTags are an extremely powerful feature of the MemberMouse platform. They are a collection of useful shortcodes that you can use to do all sorts of things. See the SmartTag documentation to learn more about SmartTags. The SmartWidget allows you to use MemberMouse SmartTags in any widget area defined by your WordPress theme.

Follow the instructions below to add a MemberMouse SmartWidget to a WordPress widget area:

  1. From the WordPress Appearance menu, click the Widgets link.

  2. In the Available Widgets area, locate the MM SmartWidget .

  3. Drag the widget from the Available Widgets area on the left to any sidebar on the right. You can use as many instances of the SmartWidget as you want. Once a widget has been added to a sidebar, it will appear like this:

  4. Now you can add most MemberMouse SmartTags, HTML or JavaScript to your SmartWidget.

Note: In the upper left corner there is a SmartTag Library  button you can use to look up SmartTags and a ID Lookup button you can use to look up IDs for different MemberMouse items such as products, membership levels, bundles, etc.