To do this you would need to use the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag

Below is an example of how to hide content on the same page, based specifically on membership levels. In the first snippet we are only showing content to Members with Membership level ID's 1 or 2 while the second snippet is only going to show up to members with membership level ID 2. You can learn more about finding ID's here: Finding ID's in MemberMouse.

[MM_Member_Decision membershipId="1|2"]

This is the content you want to show members with the membership level ID of 1 or 2 only. You would c
hange this ID according to what your own membership IDs are inside MemberMouse and which memberships you want to get access to the content.


[MM_Member_Decision membershipId="2"]

This content would only be visible to members with membership level ID 2.


When using these SmartTags, only the content within the SmartTags is protected. Read this article to learn more about protecting the page itself.