Gifting is a feature that will allow your site's members to purchase memberships and bundles, then distribute them to whomever they please. Here are the different elements of gifting that we will cover:

Configure Gifting on Your Site

A member can purchase any paid Membership or Bundle on your site as a gift. The only requirement is that a user must be a member of your site in order to purchase a gift. They do not have to be a member of the Membership Level they are purchasing to give, nor do they have to have the bundle they are purchasing on their account either.

How a Gift is Purchased

When a member wants to purchase a gift, they will just need to login to your site and to visit the checkout page (via the Purchase Link) for the Membership or Bundle they would like to purchase.

Once there, they will see a checkbox that asks if they are purchasing this as a gift:

There is a MM_Member_Decision SmartTag that will add the "Is this a gift?" checkbox:

[MM_Member_Decision isMember='true']
<p>[MM_Form_Field type='input' name='gift'] Is this a gift?</p>

This MM_Member_Decision SmartTag allows you to configure what you would like the wording to be

next to the gifting checkbox. By default, it is "Is this a gift?'

If you do not see the 'Is this a gift?' checkbox on your checkout page, then you are missing the proper SmartTag. Please read this article to learn how to update your checkout core page to include gifting related SmartTags.

Once checked, a member will continue with checkout as they would normally for a purchase. After payment is complete, they will be directed to the Confirmation page. Here they will see confirmation that the gift was purchased, and a link that can be used to send the gift:

If the gift confirmation does not appear on your Confirmation page, then you are missing the proper SmartTag. Please read this article to learn how to update your confirmation page to include gifting related SmartTags

A member will also be able to view any gifts they have purchased on their My Account page:


How a Gift Is Redeemed and Managed


There are two ways that a Member who purchases a gift can access the gift link to be used to redeem a gift.

 The first is the link delivered on the Confirmation page immediately following the member purchasing the gift:

The second is via the Member's My Account page. At the bottom of the My Account page, a member will see a list of all the gifts they have purchased:

They will be able to see when gift was purchased, the specific membership or bundle purchased, as well as the status of gift. If the gift has not been redeemed, then show gift link will be displayed, which allows the member to click to trigger a lightbox with the gift link.

Members can also manage ongoing gift subscriptions from their My Account page:


Gift subscription payments are handled by the giver.  The recipient claims the product access for their account, but isn't responsible for payment. So if a member needs to cancel a gift membership, or update billing information, it can be done from this area. 


Redeem Gift Core Page 

When MemberMouse is installed, one of the core pages created is the Redeem Gift core page. This is the page that customers will be directed to when they redeem a gift. The Redeem Gift core page has the same SmartTag configuration as the checkout page, but by creating a separate page, it allow for unique layout and styling options. Read this article to learn more on the Redeem Gift core page.

Manage Member Gifting Details

Manage through the Member Details


When a member purchases a gift, a new menu item displays in Member Details area for that member:



Admins can see when gift was purchased, the specific membership or bundle purchased, the status of gift as well as the Gift Link (if the gift has not yet been redeemed):


Manage through the Gifts Log

Available in MemberMouse v2.4.0 and above, there is also a Gifts Log.


The Gifts Log allows the admin to view all purchases made as gifts in one place. It gives a full view of who purchased a gift and when; allows the admin to see if, when and by whom the gift has been redeemed; and access the Gift Link if the gift has not yet been redeemed. The Gifts Log can be accessed from the Logs menu. 

Follow this link to view more details about the Gifts Log.