Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

NOTICE: End of PHP 5.2 Support

MemberMouse no longer supports versions of PHP lower than 5.3. Once you've upgraded to this version of MemberMouse, the plugin will display an error message if you need to take any action. If you see the message below displayed when you log into your WordPress admin area, this means that you're currently running a version of PHP lower then 5.3:

If you're on a version of PHP lower than 5.3, you'll need to take immediate action in order to avoid experiencing errors. Please contact your hosting provider and request a more recent version of PHP. For more information, click here.

ReCaptcha v2 Upgrade

ReCaptcha v2 uses different keys than reCaptcha v1 so in order to ensure your reCaptcha integration continues to work following upgrading to MM 2.2.4 you'll need to get a new set of keys for reCaptcha. The video below will show you step-by-step how to do this:

Visual Editor Plugins

If you're using a visual editor plugin, such as Visual Composer, it's possible that you may be using MemberMouse Form SmartTags in a way that's not supported in MemberMouse 2.2.4. View this article for details.


  • Additional enhancements to address issues introduced by WordPress 4.2.3. If you implemented any of the suggested workarounds to issues caused by WP 4.2.3, you can revert these once you've installed MM 2.2.4.
  • Addressed issues introduced by WordPress 4.3.
  • Added a browse transactions report enabling you to search all transactions by product, coupon usage, initial charge versus recurring and more. Learn more.
  • Added a test payment service that you can use to simulate all purchases and refunds. The test payment service can be used for all transactions and can also be used for one-off testing when your site is live and you want to be able to run a test transaction without disrupting normal operations. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to send a welcome email to affiliate accounts created by MemberMouse including the ability to insert the username and password associated with their new account. Learn more.
  • Added ability to limit trial products to only be purchased once. Learn more.
  • Added purchasedProduct attribute to the [MM_Member_Decision] SmartTag which allows you to check if the member has purchased a particular product. Learn more.
  • Added [MM_Product_Data] SmartTag for outputting information relating to products. Learn more.
  • Addressed issue with LCV calculation in member details area.
  • Added support for additional top-level domains in email validation check on the checkout page.
  • Updated social login to support Facebook 2.4 version updates.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Upgraded to ReCaptcha v2. If you're currently using reCapatcha then there are some steps to take to ensure there are no disruptions to the checkout process following your upgrade to MM 2.2.4. See notes above for details.
  • ADVANCED PLAN + Added the ability to change affiliate info on an existing transaction or subscription and to manually send a commission request. Learn more.
  • Added option to be able to use WordPress' reset password process. Learn more.
  • Made it so that all dates displayed in MemberMouse are translated to the timezone specified in WordPress Settings > General > Timezone.
  • Added the ability to be able to manage subscriptions that are not associated with a membership level or bundle.
  • Previously with Bundle Status Changed push notifications it was possible to create specific push notifications based on status only. Now it's possible to create Bundle Status Changed push notifications based on a specific bundle and/or a specific status.
  • Previously with Member Status Changed push notifications it
    was possible to create specific push notifications based on status
    only. Now it's possible to create Member Status Changed push
    notifications based on a specific membership level and/or a specific status.
  • Added the ability to archive coupons that are no longer needed. This will keep the coupons screen as uncluttered as possible. It is also now possible to filter the coupons to show/hide archived coupons and to show/hide expired coupons. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to specify the PayPal locale. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to give individual employee's permission to export data. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to configure MemberMouse not to disable WordPress auto-paragraph functionality on core pages. Learn more.
  • Added ability to update username via the updateMember API call. Learn more.
  • Increased limit on the number of MailChimp lists that are pulled into MemberMouse from MailChimp.
  • Addressed issue where pending cancellation date
    calculation was calculated incorrectly when a member canceled during a
    trial period.
  • Added the ability to search members on the manage members screen based on the registration date or the status changed date. Learn more.
  • Addressed issue where limited payment plan subscriptions that became overdue and then reactivated could end up being charged 1 more time then necessary.
  • Added support for zero-decimal currencies to Stripe.
  • Added useAccessName attribute to the [MM_Form_Data name='productName'] SmartTag to allow for optionally displaying the product name instead of the membership level or bundle name. Learn more.
  • Added PayPal IPN Log. To access the PayPal IPN log go to Logs > PayPal IPN Log.
  • Addressed issue with ARB where limited payment plan product subscriptions without a trial would be billed 1 more time then it should. This will address all payment plan subscriptions going forward following the update but will have no impact on existing subscriptions. Potential Action Suggested: If you're using ARB and you're using a limited payment plan product with no trial you may need to manually cancel these subscriptions in ARB so that customers aren't billed 1 more time then necessary. To get a list of affected subscriptions you can use the following query to find all active subscriptions associated with the limited payment plan product:
    select o.user_id,o.date_added,u.user_email from mm_order_items oi inner join mm_orders o on (oi.order_id = inner join wp_users u on (o.user_id = u.ID) where oi.status IN (0,1) and oi.item_type=1 and oi.item_id IN (1,2,3) and (o.date_added between '2015-01-01' and '2015-02-01')
    Just change oi.item_id IN (1,2,3) to include the product ID(s) of your payment plan product(s) and set the appropriate date range.
  • Addressed issue with ARB where in certain cases overdue subscriptions could not be renewed.
  • Addressed issue where certain transactions couldn't be refunded via
  • Addressed issue where overdue accounts became active again without an active subscription when customers updated credit card information. This was the result of a special case where the credit card used was a valid card but it was declined for others reasons when attempted to be billed.
  • Bug fixes.