MemberMouse allows you to manually sign up a customer by creating a new member. After the member is signed up they may login to their My Account Page and add or change the rest of their information.

  1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members. 
  2. Next, click the  button.Note: after creating a member you may edit the settings at any time by clicking the pencil icon  .

  3. A dialog box will pop up containing all of the options available for configuring a new member. To learn more about each option, consult the table below.
  4. After configuring the new members options, click the button to save your settings.

Create a Member Options

First Name*

This field is required. Enter in  the first name of the member. 
Last Name*

This field is required. Enter in the last name of the member. 

This field is required. Enter in the member's email. The email is stored as the member's username, unless changed, and will be used to receive emails about their membership.

Enter in the member's phone number. You may use parentheses, (453), or hyphens 488-9599. 

You may enter in a unique password for the member to use and once the member logs in they will be able to change their password at anytime in the My Account page. If you leave this field blank, use the member data SmartTags to send the member their password in the welcome email.