Love adventure? Then we've got great news!

We here at MemberMouse pour thousands of hours of development time (and gallons of coffee) into each MemberMouse release, in order to bring you the highest quality membership plugin available for WordPress. It's this attention to detail and thorough testing that separates MemberMouse from the rest of the membership plugins out there. But we know that waiting for new features is not always fun. So, after two phone calls and some pretty light soul searching, we've decided to introduce to you, the MemberMouse Beta Program! This will give you access to brand spank'n new features as soon as humanly possible. Pretty cool eh?

Of course, we can't promise you beta releases will be 100% bug free, but that's where you come in. If you come across something that appears to need-a-fix'n then just shoot us an email and let us know. Thorough testing by adventurous beta testers will help us get new releases shipped quicker, so it's a win-win. And who doesn't like win-wins? If you're worried about coming across a show-stopping bug (it's unlikely, but possible) keep in mind that you can downgrade to a previous production release of MemberMouse at any time to save the day.

Special Instructions

  • We recommend that you install the beta release versions of the plug-in in a staging environment. We do not recommend installing beta releases into production environments without testing. To do this, you will need a staging license, which is free with all MemberMouse accounts, but must be requested. For more details on acquiring a staging license, please see this support article:

  • If you encounter bugs, please email our support team with details about the bug and how it can be replicated. Shooting a screencast video would be most helpful.

  • Site URL is required (the exact URL as found in WordPress Settings > General) in the form below.

  • By joining the beta program, you agree and acknowledge that you like living on the edge, and will not be surprised if you encounter a bug. You also agree to let us know about said bug, so that it can be fixed, which will improve the software for one and all. If you understand and agree to the above, then enter your email address below to be added to the beta release mailing list.

Join the Beta Release Program!

Beta Releases

The following are the various beta versions of MemberMouse, listed chronologically from the newest to oldest, along with the Release Notes on new features and improvements in each version.

VersionRelease DateRelease Notes
2.2.5March 2015
Release Notes
2.2.4October 2015
Release Notes