MemberMouse can be easily set up to automatically send an account canceled notification to customers using our push notification system. Read this article to learn more about using push notifications.

Follow these instructions to create an account canceled notification:

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to MemberMouse > Developer Tools and then click on the Push Notifications tab.

  2. Click the  button and a dialog will pop up where you'll configure the account canceled notification.

  3. Make sure that Status is set to Active

  4. Under the When the following event occurs... heading, select Member Status Changed from the drop down.

  5. Once you've done this another section will show up underneath that will have the header When account status is.... In the drop down underneath that, select Canceled.

    At this point what we've done is to say that this push notification should be triggered when a member's account status changes to canceled. Next we need to specify what action should be executed when this notification is triggered.

  6. Under the Perform the following action... heading, select Send Email from the drop down.

  7. Select Current Member next to the To label indicating that the notification email should be sent to the customer

  8. Choose who the email is sent from by selecting an employee from the drop down next to the From label. This drop down contains all of the employee accounts currently created in the MemberMouse system. Read this article to learn more about Employee Accounts.

  9. If you would like additional recipients to be notified, you can add them next to the CC label by adding the email addresses using commas to separate multiple email addresses.

    At this point we've configured the notification should be triggered when a member's account is canceled and that when this happens an email should be sent out to the member. Now we need to specify the contents of the email.

  10. Fill out the Subject and Body of the notification email as desired.

  11. Click the  button.

Now when a member's account is canceled they'll receive this notification email.