Bundles provide you with an alternate way to sell and grant access to content. You can easily manage the bundles applied to a member's account right from the member details area. From here you can apply bundles to a member's account for free or charge them for it, you can change the status of the bundle and you can edit properties of the bundle such as when it expires or changing where the member is in the drip content schedule associated with the bundle. In this article, we'll show you how you can accomplish this.

In order to manage bundles on a member's account, the first thing you need to do is go to the Manage Bundles area within the member details area. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click MemberMouse > Manage Members then click on the member's email that you would like to edit.

  2. From the Member Details page, click on the  tab. On this page you'll see a list of any bundles this member may already have applied to their account in the Manage Bundles area.

           Manage Bundles

Apply a Free Bundle to a Member

You can choose a free bundle in the drop down under Manage Bundles and click the Apply bundle button to add that bundle to a member's account. Click OK when the system message prompts you to accept it. After doing this, the free bundle will show up in the list under Manage Bundles.

Apply or Comp a Paid Bundle to a Member

  1. Choose a paid bundle in the drop down under Manage Bundles and click the Apply bundle button.

  2. A Payment Options dialog will pop up which will allow you to comp a paid bundle, place an order for a member or email a purchase link to a member. Simply click the desired action, follow the steps related to that action (see the articles above) and on successful completion MemberMouse will apply the bundle to the member's account. Read this article to learn more about the payment options dialog.

Canceling, Pausing and Activating Bundles

Listed to the right under the Actions column, you will see the available actions to Activate , Cancel , Pause , or Edit a bundle.

Note: Activate will only be displayed if the bundle is currently paused, canceled or expired.

  • To Cancel  or Pause  a bundle, click the icon and confirm in the system alert that pops up. Following that, the new status should be displayed in the Status column.

    Note: Behind-the-scenes, if there is an active subscription associated with the bundle, MemberMouse will automatically cancel it.

  • To Activate  a paused or canceled bundle, click the icon and accept the system message that pops up. The status should then confirm under the Status column.

Editing Bundle Configuration

You can edit a bundle's place in the drip content schedule or change the bundle expiration date by clicking the edit  icon in the Actions column. This will pop up the Edit Bundle Configuration dialog.

Read this article to learn more about canceling a member's bundle

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