Follow the steps below to show/hide the preview settings bar:

  1. From the MemberMouse menu go to General Settings, and then click on the Other Settings tab.

  2. Scroll down to the Preview Settings Bar Options section.

  3. To hide the preview settings bar uncheck the check box and to show the preview settings bar check the check box.

  4. Click the  button to save your settings.

Note: Some themes may cause the preview settings bar to still be hidden even when you instruct MemberMouse to display it. If you want to continue using the theme you're using and have the Preview Settings Bar be displayed, you'll need to add some additional CSS to your theme to position the Preview Settings Bar above other theme elements. The ID of the Preview Settings Bar <div> is: mm-preview-settings-bar. 

Here's some sample CSS that might work for you depending on your theme:

#mm-preview-settings-bar { z-index: 100000; }