1. In the MemberMouse menu, go to Manage Members and click on thebutton.

  2. To find a specific member or group of members, search any of the following criteria as shown in the search box below:  From and To registration dates, Member ID numbers, First Name, Last Name,  Email address, Membership Level, Bundle, Membership Status, Notes and any Custom Fields you have created.

    Note: To search check box custom fields you can select the custom field from the dropdown and then type 'on' or 'off' in the short text field that will come up.

  3. Once you have entered in your search criteria, click the button and the table will refresh to display only members that match the criteria entered.

  4. Use the leftand rightnavigation arrows to move between pages or, adjust the number of members to display on each page from dropdown menu. The total number of members associated with the current search criteria is shown on the right.

  5. You can also export the resulting search results by clicking the Export button.

    Note: Only Administrators will see this button. Sales and Support employees don't have the ability to export members unless specifically granted that permission by the Admin.

    The way to grant permission is to log in using the Admin account, go to General Settings in the MemberMouse menu and then click on the Employees tab. Choose the account that you want to be able to export from. Then go to the Additional Permissions area and check the box next to "Allow this employee to export data". For more information about the options on Employee Accounts, you can reference this article about creating an employee account.