How to Get to the Member Engagement Stats

In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members and click on a member's email or the edit icon in order to see the details for that member. This will direct you to the  tab in the Member Details page.

What are Member Engagement Stats?

The screen shot below shows the Engagement Stats section. Here you will see how the member is interacting with your site, what pages they are accessing the most and how frequently. You will also be able to monitor if a member is sharing their account information fraudulently. Consult the Engagement Stats Options table below to learn more.

Engagement Stats

Last Login DateMemberMouse keeps track of every time a member logs into your site.
Last Login IPThis records the IP address that was last used to log in. If you click on the IP address, you will be directed to a geolocation service where you can see the location of the member.
LoginsThis is the total number of times a member has logged in. By clicking view details you will be directed to the event log. The event log shows the date and time the member logged in and the IP address that was used.
Pages AccessedThis is the total number of pages a member has accessed. By clicking view details, you will be directed to the page access log. The log shows the name of the pages that were accessed along with a link to view them. The log also shows any parameters passed for the page, the date and time it was accessed and the IP address that was used.