1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Product Settings, and click on the Memberships Levels tab.

  2. Next, click the  button. Note: after creating a membership level you may edit the settings at any time by clicking the pencil icon .

  3. A dialog box will pop up containing all of the options available for configuring the membership level. To learn more about each option, consult the Membership Level Options table below.

  4. After configuring the membership level, click the  button to save your settings.

Membership Level Options


The name of the membership level is visible when customers are on the checkout page.

Indicate whether the membership level is Active (customers can currently sign up) or Inactive (customers cannot sign up). Setting a membership level to inactive will have no impact on existing members who are already associated with the membership level. It will simply keep new members from signing up with that membership level.
WordPress Role

Specify the WordPress role you want to assign to members with this membership level. Their WordPress role will be set to the role you specify when they first join or when their membership level is changed. If you don't want MemberMouse to set or change the member's WordPress role when they sign up for this membership level then select the 'Don't set or change role' option.



Indicate whether the membership level is Free or Paid.
Free Membership Description (Free Membership Levels Only)

When the membership type is set to Free, a description text box is displayed. This  description will be displayed in checkout forms when the [MM_Form_Data name='productDescription'] SmartTag is used. Learn how to use MM_Form_Data SmartTag in this article.
Products (Paid Membership Levels Only)

When the membership type is set to Paid, a list of available products is displayed. Select the product(s) you want to be associated with the membership level. When a customer purchases that product, the membership level will be applied to their account. Each product can only be associated with one membership level, but a membership may have multiple products. For example, you can have a membership level associated with two products, one that pays monthly and another that pays annually.
Default Product (Paid Membership Levels Only)

If a customer is purchasing a product, that product determines the price of the membership level. If the customer is purchasing a membership level directly, then a customer will be prompted to pay for the default product.

For example, by setting the Premium Membership's Default Product to Full Access, when the customer purchases the Premium membership level, the system will know to charge the price of the product Full Access. This is important because membership levels do not have prices, only products do.
Expiry Settings (Optional)

Here you can specify if this membership level should expire after a certain number of days, weeks or months.

Please Note: If you have your product set up to be a recurring subscription, there is not a need to set your membership level to expire. With a recurring subscription, if a payment is missed, MM will handle canceling the membership automatically. But if you have a recurring subscription product, and a membership level that is set to expire, you will create a conflict where a member continues to get billed, but they can no longer login to their account to cancel the subscription.
Welcome Email

Click the check box to send a welcome email to customers who sign up for this membership level. Learn to Create a Welcome Email in this article.
Bundles (Optional)

Choose a bundle(s) to include with this membership level. Assigning bundles means that any customer who purchases this membership level will also get access to whatever content is protected by the bundles you select. 

Note: When you assign a bundle to a membership, the bundle is considered by MemberMouse to be a part of the membership and is not counted individually in reporting criteria. For example, when a Gold Membership is purchased that has been assigned the Gold Bundle, then the Gold Membership will have one more subscriber, but the Gold Bundle subscribers will remain unchanged. See the Assigned vs. Purchased Bundles article for further explanation.

Protected Categories (Optional)

Choose the WordPress categories that should automatically be protected by this membership level. By selecting one or more categories here, any WordPress post that is associated with one of the selected categories will automatically be protected.