MemberMouse has a built-in two-tier affiliate tracking system which means that for each order placed you can track an affiliate ID and sub-affiliate ID. The first thing you need to do is configure the affiliate and sub-affiliate keywords so you can use them to create affiliate links. The default affiliate keyword is affid and the default sub-affiliate keyword is sid.

Any page on your membership site can be used as the landing page for affiliate links. No matter which page a prospect is sent to, as long as you pass the affiliate information correctly in the URL, MemberMouse will recognize it and store it so that when the prospect makes a purchase the affiliate can be credited with a referral.

Creating an affiliate link is simple. Assume that the URL of the landing page for the affiliate link is and assume that the affiliate ID is demoaffiliate and the sub-affiliate ID is banner1. We would construct the affiliate link as follows:

If you've changed the affiliate or sub-affiliate keywords from the default values you would replace affid or sid to the appropriate keywords based on your configuration.