Video Update: The location of the 'Days as Member' Calculation Method section has moved from the General tab to the Access Rights tab.

What is a Drip Content Schedule

MemberMouse allows you to make content available to your members over time by creating a drip content schedule. By default the 'days as a member' is calculated starting with the date the member's account was created, which is considered day 0. However, it is possible to manually change a member's position in the drip content schedule by changing the 'days as member' calculation method.

Follow the steps below to change a member's place in a drip content schedule:

  1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members and click on a member's email or click on the edit icon in order to see the details for that member.

  2. Click on the Access Rights tab.

  3. Scroll down to the section labelled 'Days as Member' Calculation Method.

  4. By default, the By join date radio button will be selected.

  5. You also have the option to calculate the 'days as member' using a custom start date. For example, if you set the custom start date to 3/1/13 then March 1st will be day 0, March 2nd will be day 1 and March 3rd will be day 2 in the drip content schedule.

  6. Another option is to set the 'days as member' to a fixed date. This fixes the member's position in the drip content schedule to the day that you set it to. For example, if you set the 'days as member' to 10, then the member will only be able to access content that was released in the schedule up to day 10.

    When you are finished, click the button  for the changes to take effect.