1. In the MemberMouse menu, click Checkout Settings and then click on the Custom Fields tab.

  2. Click the  button. Note: after creating a custom field you may edit it at any time by clicking the  icon.

  3. A dialog box will pop up containing all of the options available for configuring a custom field. To learn about each option, consult the Custom Field Options table below.
  4. After configuring the custom field, click the  button to save your settings.

Custom Field Options


This will be used in the Member Details area and on the My Account page as a label for the custom field.

Show on My Account Page

By checking this box, you're indicating that the custom field should be displayed on the member's My Account page and that they can edit the data at any time from there.


This indicates what HTML form type you want to use when collecting data for this custom field. The options are Short Text, Check Box, Drop Down, Long Text and Radio Buttons.

Options (conditional based on type)If the type of the custom field is set to Drop Down or Radio Buttons then the Options section will be displayed. Here you can specify the different options that should be presented to the customer when interacting with the form field. Click the  icon to add a new option. Click the  icon to remove an existing option.