Professional web developers often use staging environments when creating and updating websites. Staging environments allow multiple developers to work together, and project managers to proof changes and finalize a project before rolling it out to a production server. A staging environment is sometimes called a sandbox and is the preferred method of streamlining workflow for most web professionals. 

All MemberMouse accounts come with a complimentary staging license. Our staging licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes. There is no ability for recurring billing. Other than that, they have no restrictions. 

Just let us know what the WordPress Site URL is on your staging site and we'll set up the license for that URL. If you're developing locally, make sure it's not just http://localhost. It should be something that will be unique across all customers like http://localhost/yoursitename.

Follow the steps below to request a staging license:

  1. Submit a ticket to the MemberMouse customer support team and select 'Staging License Request' from the dropdown menu "What is this about?".

  2. In the body of your request please provide:
  • the email address associated with your account on
  • whether the staging license is for a local development environment or a publicly accessible one
  • the URL of the WordPress site you're using as your staging environment