Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.


  • Enhanced the automated overdue payment handling functionality by attempting to rebill a member's card on file a total of 4 times and if the final attempt doesn't succeed, automatically canceling their account. Learn more.

  • Enhanced the Import Wizard to detect if a member being importing is an existing WordPress user and if so, automatically migrate this user into MemberMouse as a member with the appropriate access rights. Learn more.

  • Added the ability to export members. Learn more.

  • Created a SmartTag that you can use to allow members to apply a free bundle to their account with a single click. Learn more.

  • Added checkout form configuration option that allows you to determine if you want to enable members to make purchases against their account when they're logged out. Learn more.

  • Added the ability to create multiple aliases for affiliate and sub-affiliate querystring parameters. This allows you instruct MemberMouse to treat two or more different parameters as containing an affiliate or sub-affiliate ID.

  • Bug fixes.