Certain MemberMouse features are reserved for members who are on the Advanced plan or higher.  Learn more about the different MemberMouse Plans.

If you see this icon ADVANCED PLAN + it indicates that the feature is reserved for Advanced plan members or higher. 

How Do I Upgrade My License

To upgrade your current license to the Advanced plan or higher to take advantage of certain MemberMouse plugin features, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your account on membermouse.com.

  2. Go to your My Account page via the link in the right hand navigation to view the License Management Area.

  3. Select the desired plan from the 'Upgrade' dropdown menu.

  4. Click the Upgrade button.

License Management Columns

PlanThis is the plan level that you are on.  Learn more about the different MemberMouse Plans.

For licenses that are currently active you'll see a  icon.  This icon allows you to run a diagnostic to ensure that the payment scheduler is available on your MemberMouse
plugin.  Read this article to learn more about how MemberMouse handles recurring billing.
Authorized URL
In the Authorized URL field, enter the URL for your WordPress site. It's important that the URL you enter matches the URL of your WordPress site exactly. The best way to ensure that you're entering in the URL correctly is to log into your WordPress site, go to the General Settings page and copy the WordPress Address (URL).
Members Used
This is the number of members your site currently has, as well as the number of members allowed based on the plan you are currently on.
UpgradeThis is where you can change your current plan to a higher or lower plan. This will cancel the current plan you are on (and any billing) and instantly move you to your new plan.

My Site Is Not Reflecting My New Plan

In order for your website to reflect any additional features you now have access to based on your new plan, your site must check in with our licensing admin. This will usually happen every couple of days. MemberMouse will also send a 'ping' to your site whenever you make a change to your license.

If you have upgraded your plan, and are still not seeing the additional features reflected, you may need to force your site to communicate back with MemberMouse. To do that:

  1. From the MemberMouse menu go to General Settings
  2. Hover over Manage Install, and click Repair Install

This should initiate a check-in for you site, and update your license settings on your website.