1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Product Settings and click on the Products tab.

  2. Under the Actions column, the delete icon will be displayed as red  or grey .

  3. If the delete icon is red , simply click the icon in the row of the membership level you would like to delete. If the delete icon is grey  this means that the product is in use and can't be deleted. A product is in use if a) it has been purchased at least once or b) it is associated with a membership level or bundle. To find out which is the case, click the edit icon  and in the dialog that pops up if you see the following message:

    It means that the product has been purchased at least once and cannot be deleted because once a product is purchased it is used in a customer's transaction history and in reports and deleting the product would break the dependency. If you delete all members that purchased the product you'll be able to delete the product.

    If you don't see that message, you can change the associated access by selecting the None option, as shown here:

    Following that, save the product and then you will be able to delete it.