In MemberMouse there are two purchase link styles that can be used: Reference Links and Explicit Links.

Reference Links

This style involves passing a 6-digit alphanumeric key that represents either a product or a membership level as follows:

Explicit Links

This style involves passing the ID of a product or membership level to the checkout page as follows: or

Follow the steps below to configure purchase links:

  1. In the MemberMouse menu click on Checkout Settings.

  2. Click on the Other Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Purchase Link Options section.

  4. Select Reference Links or Explicit Links. Reference Links are recommended as they offer a greater level of security by not exposing internal product and membership level IDs.


  5. If you're using Reference Links it's also recommended that you check the box for disabling explicit links. Doing this will keep customers from being able to manually modify purchase links to discover other products and membership levels that you're offering. If you've ever used explicit links in the past and you have any of these links on 3rd party sites, you'll want to change these to reference links prior to disabling support for explicit links.

  6. Click the  button.