Configuring and Integrating Lime Light

Our Lime Light integration allows you to take advantage of the same features as other onsite payment methods, including the ability to bill a card on file, 1-click purchase functionality, and the ability to issue refunds. The Lime Light integration goes further, allowing you to also process payments via Lime Light's robust interface and to utilize their customer management features. 

Configure Lime Light as a Payment Method

  1. Go to MemberMouse > Payment Methods > Onsite Payment Method and select Lime Light
  2. Enter the Lime Light URL, API Username & API Password. These can be obtained from your Lime Light admin dashboard at: Lime Light > Admin Settings > API Accounts 
  3. Click Save Payment Methods. If everything was entered correctly, you should see a success message here.

Set up Membership Provider in Lime Light

  1. Go to Lime Light > Settings > Providers
  2. You can select from the Actions menu "Add New Provider Profile" if you wish to create a new one.
  3. Select 'Type' under Membership
  4. Under Provider select 'MemberMouse 2.0'
  5. Enter an alias of your choosing.
  6. Under Postback, paste your Postback URL from your MemberMouse payment settings under LimeLight and save.

For every campaign that you wish to integrate with MemberMouse, you'll select this membership provider in the 3rd part integrations section of the campaign.

Set up Campaigns in Lime Light

  1. Go to Lime Light > Offers & Campaigns > Campaigns
  2. When editing the Campaign, select "Third Party Providers" from the Options section.
  3. Scroll down to the Providers section. Under Membership, select the Membership Provider associated with your membership site.

This is an essential step that you need to do for every Campaign that you want to integrate with your membership site.

Product Integrations

Products are a concept in both Lime Light and in MemberMouse. We need to map products in Lime Light to products in MemberMouse, so that when a product is purchased either via Lime Light or via MemberMouse, each system will understand what the product means to itself.

  1. Go to Lime Light > Offers & Campaigns > Products if you wish to create a product in Lime Light
  2. Go to MemberMouse > Product Settings > Lime Light Mappings > Product Mappings to map products between Lime Light and MemberMouse. 

The integration works both ways, so once products have been mapped, they can be purchased via Lime Light or via MemberMouse, with transactions being recorded and associated access granted in MemberMouse.

The general rule for product mappings is that for every product in MemberMouse, you will need an associated product in Lime Light. For one-time purchase products and for subscription products, this is just a one-to-one mapping.

IMPORTANT: In Lime Light, the same product can be associated with mutliple campaigns. When you map a Lime Light product in MemberMouse, you select both a product and a campaign. MemberMouse sees each product/campaign combination as a different mapping. If you associate a product you've already mapped in MemberMouse with a different campaign, be sure to create a mapping for that product/campaign combination in MemberMouse if you want that to be purchased via the Lime Light integration as well.

Available for 2.2.8+:

You can map a single MemberMouse product to multiple product/campaign combinations in Lime Light. See the article on Lime Light Product Mapping for details.

Mapping a Free Trial Product

When you create a free trial in Lime Light, you combine two products, a free trial and a subscription. In MemberMouse, this can be accomplished with a single product. In order for MemberMouse to understand what to do when either of the two Lime Light products are purchased, you'll need to create a mapping for both of them. This way, if someone purchases the subscription without the free trial, then MemberMouse will know how to handle that purchase.

Mapping a Shipping Method

Go to MemberMouse > Product Settings > Lime Light Mappings > Shipping Method Mappings

The Membermouse Shipping Method dropdown shows a list of all shipping methods in MemberMouse that are not already mapped to Lime Light. The Lime Light Shipping Method dropdown shows a list of all shipping methods available in Lime Light. MemberMouse checks to make sure that the prices are the same and won't allow you to save the mapping if the prices differ.


You can view a log of events related to Lime Light in the Lime Light IPN Log, which is explained in Troubleshooting Lime Light.