You can easily place an order for a new or existing member. You will do this in the Payment Options dialog box that will pop up anytime you are preforming an action that requires payment, such as, creating a new member for a paid membership level, changing a current member's paid membership level or applying a new bundle to their account.

How to Place an Order for a Member

  1. In the Payment Options dialog box, you will need to select a Product to Purchase from the drop down menu. For example, the products, One-Time Purchase Early Bird and One-Time Purchase are will appear because they are associated with the bundle Additional Content. These products contain different billing details necessary for charging the customer. Select the appropriate product.

  2. Next, the product's billing description will appear and you can make sure that you have selected the correct product.

  3. This step is optional. Add names of affiliates that might be linked with this sale.

  4. Then click this button .

  5. You will now be taken to the the checkout page. Enter in the member's account information and billing details, unless the order is for a current member, in which case, the fields in this section will be pre-populated.

  6. Then, click the  button.