1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Product Settings and click on the Coupons tab to find and create coupons.

  2. Click the button. Note: after creating a coupon you can edit the settings at any time by clicking the icon.

  3. A dialog box will pop up containing all of the options available for configuring the coupon. To learn more about each option, consult the coupon options table below.

  4. After configuring the coupon, click the  button to save your settings.

Coupon Options


This field is required. Enter in a name to reference the coupon internally. It cannot exceed 50 characters in length.

Coupon Code*

This field is required. Enter a code for your customers to use in order to redeem a discount on the checkout page. The code can be anything you want, but it must be alphanumeric characters or an underscore. Spaces or special characters will not work. The code you enter is not case sensitive, so a purchaser can enter the code in either capital or lower case and the coupon will function as expected.


This field is required. Select an option from the drop down menu, either, % Off, $ Off, or Free. If you select % Off or $ Off, a numeric value is required in the field to specify the percentage amount or dollar amount to be discounted.

Subscription Options

(% OFF / $ Off only)

Specify if the discount is to be applied to only the first charge or to all charges in the recurring subscription. This option is only required for % Off or $ Off coupon types.

Note: If you use Apply Discount To First Charge Only, this will not work with a Product that has a Free Trial. With this option, Coupons will only be applied to the amount that is immediately charged at the time of checking out as indicated by the 'Total Price'. Learn more here. 
Coupon Restrictions

This section allows you to limit how and when the coupon can be used.

Start Date: This is the date the coupon will become available for use. To make it available for immediate use, leave the start date as today.

End Date: To make this coupon available for only a specific time frame, specify an end date. This date range is inclusive. This means the coupon will be able to be applied on the date specified as the end date but after this date, the coupon cannot be used. This field can be left blank and the coupon will never expire.

Limit Quantity: Set a quantity restriction to allow only a certain amount of customers to use this coupon.

Valid Products: By default all products will be unchecked and the coupon will be available to all products. To restrict the coupon's use to a specific product, check the box next to that product. This provides the flexibility of having different coupons for different products.