***Updating to MM2.2.5 or higher resolves this situation

Resolution Update

We've released a new versions of MemberMouse with improved reliability of SmartTag processing.

Recommended Action: Upgrade to the latest version of MemberMouse. You can do this by following the steps listed in Manually Upgrading MemberMouse


On July 23, 2015, WordPress released version 4.2.3 which includes a security fix that changed the functionality of the Shortcode API, which MemberMouse internally uses to power its SmartTag feature.

We have just become aware of a side effect of the recently released update that is causing certain SmartTags to be processed incorrectly, resulting in errors on the effected sites.
We are currently recommending that customers who have not yet upgraded to version 4.2.3 hold off updating to avoid a disruption in business. You may have to disable WordPress auto-update functionality in order to ensure that this doesn't happen.
For those customers who have already updated to version 4.2.3 (or who have automatic updates enabled), please review the sections below for a list of known effected functionality, short-term workarounds and updates on a resolution.
More information can be found about WordPress version 4.2.3 and what was changed via this link: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/07/23/changes-to-the-shortcode-api/

Effected SmartTags & Short-Term Workarounds

As of now this is what we know has been effected along with workarounds when possible:

Checkout Page

The following SmartTags are not processed correctly:
  • [MM_Form_Button type='submit']
  • [MM_Form_Button type='applyCoupon']

Submit Button Workaround Code
<div style="display:none;">[MM_Form_Button type='submit']</div>
<a href="javascript: mmjs.checkout(true);">Buy Now</a>
<a href="javascript:mmjs.checkoutx('PAYPAL', true);">Pay with PayPal</a>

Apply Coupon Workaround Code
<a href="javascript:mmjs.applyCoupon();" class="btn btn-primary">Apply Coupon</a>

My Account Page

The following SmartTags no longer work:

  • [MM_Form_Button type='updateAccountDetails']
  • [MM_Form_Button type='updateBillingInfo']
  • [MM_Form_Button type='updateShippingInfo']
  • [MM_Form_Button type='viewOrderHistory']
  • [MM_Form_Button type='viewGiftHistory']

The following SmartTag is not processed correctly:

  • [MM_Form_Button type='cancelMembership']

Contact Support Message Code
<p class="mm-error">In order to update your account please email our support team at support@yourdomain.com.</p>


Save-the-Sale Page

The following SmartTag no longer works:
[MM_Member_Link type='cancelMembership']

Short-Term Workaround
Given that this SmartTag doesn't work, customer can't automatically cancel their accounts. For the time being this SmartTag should be replaced with a message instructing your customers to email your support team in order to cancel their account. Upon receipt of these emails you can then cancel their account via the MemberMouse manage members area.

Purchase Links

[MM_Purchase_Link membershipId='8']

[MM_Purchase_Link productId='24']

Regular purchase links work. 1-click purchase links no longer work.

Short-Term Workaround
In order to enable customers to continue to purchase products in scenarios where they would usually be doing this via 1-click purchase links, the 1-click functionality should be disabled. To disable purchase links from becoming 1-click purchase links use the useCardOnFile attribute as follows on all of your purchase links:

[MM_Purchase_Link productId='24' useCardOnFile='false']