The Redeem Gift core page is where a user is directed when a gift membership or bundle has been purchased for them. It functions almost identically to the Checkout core page, except that no billing information is required, as the membership or bundle they are signing up for has already been paid for.

Any time a URL for a member to redeem a gift is created by MemberMouse, the Redeem Gift Core page is used in the URL. Here is what the URL will look like:

MemberMouse Redeem Gift Form Template

MemberMouse comes with a fully-functional redeem gift form template. To insert the redeem gift form template, from the Text tab in the WordPress editor, go the MM Templates dropdown above the WordPress content editor, select Redeem Gift and click the  icon:

The result of inserting the redeem gift form template is that MemberMouse will insert HTML, CSS and SmartTags into the content editor to produce a functional form that is completely customizable. While there can only be one default redeem gift core page on your membership site, you can use the redeem gift template as many times as you want, anywhere you want, including in a MemberMouse SmartWidget.