***Updating to MM2.2.5 or above resolves this situation

We recommend that in addition to following the below listed Best Practices for using SmartTags in a visual editor block, you upgrade to the recent version of MemberMouse with improved reliability of SmartTag processing.

Recommended Action if using a version below MM 2.2.5: Upgrade to the latest version of MemberMouse. You can do this by following the steps listed in Manually Upgrading MemberMouse

Using visual editor plugins such as Visual Composer, for the most part, won't cause issues. However, issues can be introduced when using certain SmartTags spread across multiple blocks of a visual editor. Specifically, any [MM_Form_...] SmartTag must be contained within a parent [MM_Form]...[/MM_Form] SmartTag as follows:

[MM_Form type='checkout']
First Name:
[MM_Form_Field type='input' name='firstName' customAttributes='placeholder="First Name"']

In this case, if the [MM_Form_Field] SmartTag were used outside of the [MM_Form]...[/MM_Form] SmartTag, it would not work. With visual editors you can create multiple blocks of content in order to assist in laying out your pages.

All [MM_Form_...] SmartTags must be included in the same visual editor content block as the [MM_Form]...[/MM_Form] SmartTag in order to work. For example...

Correct Usage

This will work...

Incorrect Usage

This will not work...