If you're getting the following message:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in .../wp-content/plugins/membermouse/index.php on line 374

This has no impact on the operation of the MemberMouse plugin as it's simply a warning.


To get this message to go away you can upgrade your MemberMouse plugin to at least version 2.2.4 or you can go into the index.php file in the MemberMouse plugin directory and make the following change:

Locate these lines:

$current = get_site_transient( 'update_plugins' );

$current->response["membermouse/index.php"]->package = MM_PRETTY_CENTRAL_SERVER_URL."/major-versions/".$upgradeVersion.".zip";

$current->response["membermouse/index.php"]->new_version = $upgradeVersion;

And change them to this:

$current = get_site_transient( 'update_plugins' );

@$current->response["membermouse/index.php"]->slug = "membermouse";

@$current->response["membermouse/index.php"]->package = MM_PRETTY_CENTRAL_SERVER_URL."/major-versions/".$upgradeVersion.".zip";

@$current->response["membermouse/index.php"]->new_version = $upgradeVersion;