If you had MemberMouse installed prior to Version 2.1.1, then please review the information below on how to update your core pages with the new gifting related SmartTags.

If you are updating your core pages, and have not made any specific changes to the SmartTags on your site, please read this article to learn how to use the Core Page Template to replace your current pages.

Checkout Core Page

There is a MM_Member_Decision SmartTag that is now located on your Checkout page that allows members to purchase gifts:
[MM_Member_Decision isMember='true']
<p>[MM_Form_Field type='input' name='gift'] Is this a gift?</p>

This MM_Member_DecisionSmartTag allows you to configure what you would like the wording to be next to the gifting checkbox. By default, it is "Is this a gift?'

Confirmation Core Page

There is also a MM_Order_Decision SmartTag on your Confirmation page that is used to confirm that a gift was purchased, and also provide the member with a link that can be used for sending the gift:

[MM_Order_Decision isGift='true']
This item was purchased as a gift. The following link can be used to redeem the gift:
[MM_Order_Data name='giftLink']

My Account Core Page

The My Account page has a new MM_Form_Section SmartTag, which will display all the information for any gifts purchased by a member, including the redeem link, the status of the gift, and the name of the member who redeemed the gift:

[MM_Form_Section type='gifts']
<div id="mm-gifts-section" class="mm-myaccount-module">
<div id="mm-gifts-header" class="mm-myaccount-module-header">
<img src="/wp-content/plugins/membermouse/resources/images/cake.png" />
Gifts Purchased (most recent gifts)
<a href="[MM_Form_Button type='viewGiftHistory']"
id="mm-gifts-view-all-button" class="mm-update-button">view
<div id="mm-gifts-body" class="mm-myaccount-content-wrapper">
[MM_Form_Data name='gifts']

The MM_Form_SectionSmartTag for gifting will display the 5 more recent gifts given by a member. If there are more than 5 gifts, then a member will just need to click the 'view all' button.

Purchase Links and 1-Click Purchase Links

Purchase Links and 1-Click Purchase Links can now be configured to specifically be gift links. The new property for gifting is isGift='true'

If you add that parameter to your purchase link, it will look like this:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='10' isGift='true']">Buy Now</a>

Or to your 1-Click purchase link (if used by a logged in member);

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='10' useCardOnFile='true' isGift='true']">Purchase Bundle</a>

Please read this article to learn more on the MM_Purchase_Link SmartTag.