What's described in this article is only applicable to members who have a bundle that is configured to expire. Read this article and see the Expiry Settings section to learn about creating expiring bundles.

To change a bundle's expiration date, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to MemberMouse > Manage Members and find the member who has the bundle you want to change the expiration date for. Click on this member's email address or the edit icon  on the right in order to view the details for that member.

  2. Go to the Access Rights tab.

  3. Find the bundle you want to change the expiration date for in the Bundles section and click the edit icon .

  4. This will pop up the Edit Bundle Configuration dialog. Scroll down to the Bundle Expires section.

  5. Click on the date field and navigate to the new expiration date in the calendar that pops up.

  6. Click the  button to save your changes. After changing a bundle's expiration date, the bundle status will immediately reflect whether or not it's expired based on the new date.