If a subscription is managed by card-on-file payment service (i.e. Stripe, Braintree, CIM), and you are on the Pro Plan or higher, then you can adjust the next rebill date on a subscription.

First, go to the Manage Subscriptions screen for any member and then click the edit icon for the appropriate subscription. A pop up window will be displayed where you can select the next billing date for the subscription payment.

Once you have updated this billing date, the new billing date will be reflected in the subscriptions grid.

The only thing that will be altered here is the rebill date. Payments made will not be refunded in the case of moving the rebill date earlier, nor will a prorated amount be charged in the case of moving the rebill date later.

NOTE: if the edit icon is greyed out, that either means that the subscription was purchased using a non-card-on-file payment service, or you are not on on the Pro Plan or higher.