When I'm logged in as an administrator and I go to preview protected content on my site, I'm redirected to an error page.


MemberMouse enables you to preview your site as different members with different access rights by using the preview settings bar. In order to view protected content you need to make sure that the preview settings are configured to a membership level, bundle or position in a drip content schedule that allow you to view the content, otherwise you'll be redirected to an error page just like a normal visitor would if they didn't have sufficient access rights.

At this point, changing the Preview Menu Bar settings to the correct membership level or bundle and clicking "Save" simply refreshes the page you are on -- and that is the Error Page. 

To get out of this loop:

  1. Select the appropriate access in the Preview Menu Bar and click Save
  2. Go back to your WordPress editor (it should already be open in another tab)
  3. Copy the URL of the page you want to preview
  4. Paste the URL into the tab with the Preview Menu Bar and hit 'return'. As long as the access is correct, the protected content will appear.

PRO TIP -- If you are busy designing your pages then it might be better to either save the Grant Access task until the very end or to create a test user that has full access and log in as that test user in a different browser. Then, you can edit in one browser and view the changes in another. 

Read this article to learn how to preview your site using the preview settings bar.

Additionally you can choose to hide the preview settings bar.