Currently MemberMouse doesn't have native support for taxes or VAT.

We recognize the importance of providing tax support and our development team has started work on including this in MemberMouse. Providing tax support is not trivial so we're taking our time to ensure that the tax module we release supports a multitude of international tax scenarios.

We are looking forward to releasing this feature as soon as possible and wish we could give you an estimate of when this will be. However, our primary objective is to make sure that these features are done right and live up to our high standards. As such we can't provide an estimate, promise or guarantee for when this will be. 

If tax support is something that's essential to your business today, MemberMouse may not be the right solution for you.

If you are a current MemberMouse subscriber and are interested in learning more about a workaround that some of our customers have employed, you can find the answer in the General FAQ article Does MemberMouse Support Tax or VAT?