MemberMouse has a simple feature to hide protected WordPress pages from menus. However, sometimes you might have a page that you don't want to protect because it's meant to be viewed by non-members, such as a "Become a Member" page. And once someone becomes a member, you'd like to hide the menu link from them. This can be done in one of two straightforward ways using the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag.

  • Hide the item and leave a blank space in the menu - It is possible to hide the navigation link from members (although the hidden space will still be clickable). If you place this SmartTag in the navigation label for the menu, it will do that:
    [MM_Member_Decision isMember="false"]Become a Member[/MM_Member_Decision]
    Below is an example of where to find the "Navigation Label" for the menu:

  • Replace the item with alternate messaging¬†- You can also choose to show a different message to members instead of just hiding the item from them. Here's an example of code that shows the "Become a Member" link to non-members and an "Upgrade" link to members:
    [MM_Member_Decision isMember="false"]Become a Member[/MM_Member_Decision][MM_Member_Decision isFree="true"]Upgrade to Premium[/MM_Member_Decision]

You can then employ MM_Member_Decision SmartTags on the page that the menu item links to in order to display different messaging depending on whether the person is a member or non-member.