When troubleshooting ClickBank or generally wanting to get a handle on your ClickBank activity, one resource MemberMouse provides (as of v2.2.9 and above) is the ClickBank IPN Log. The ClickBank IPN Log registers the details of all IPN communication between ClickBank and MemberMouse, and can be drilled in to view those details as well as sorted by various criteria. This article, Using the ClickBank IPN Log, discusses this feature in more detail.

In this article we provide answers to the most common questions customers have when integrating with ClickBank:

Q: I've had ClickBank and MemberMouse configured and it was working fine but now when a ClickBank customer joins us it's not creating a new member anymore, so we're having to do it manually. We get a Fatal Error from ClickBank.

A: This can occur when you have upgraded MemberMouse from a version prior to 2.2.9 to the latest version. As soon as you upgrade, you must also configure your instant notification URL in ClickBank. It must be set to version 7.0. See the Configure the Instant Notification URL  section of this article for the exact location of this setting.

Q: When I click on the drop down under Site Name to retrieve the list of sites from ClickBank I see this error message:

A: In order for MemberMouse to retrieve the list of sites from ClickBank the Clerk API key and Developer API key need to be set and valid. Follow the steps here to configure your Clerk and Developer API keys.

Q: When I click on the  I see this error message:

A: There are two reasons this could be happening. First, in order for MemberMouse to retrieve the list of products from ClickBank the Clerk API Key and Developer API Key need to be set and valid. Second, in order to retrieve the list of products, the Products API must be enabled for the Clerk API key you're using. Follow the steps here to configure your Clerk and Developer API keys and make sure the permissions granted for the Clerk API key match this:

Q: When I'm configuring my Clerk API key permissions I don't see the Orders/Tickets Write option. This is what I see:

A: ClickBank requires you to have a master account in order to be able to create tickets via their API. MemberMouse requires these permissions so that we can submit cancellation and refund requests. Read this article to learn more about master accounts and how to create one.

Q: My ClickBank site is linked to a master account and when I go to get my Clerk API key this is what I see:

A: Follow the steps below to create a Clerk API key from your master account:

  1. Log into your ClickBank master account.

  2. Click on users in the main menu.

  3. Click on the  button in the upper right corner.

  4. On the next page, check the check box next to Is this an API-only user?.

  5. Enter a description for the user account.

  6. Click the button.

  7. On the following page check the check boxes for Order/Tickets API Read/Write and Products API for the appropriate ClickBank account.

  8. Copy the API Key and click the  button.

  9. Go to the ClickBank configuration form in MemberMouse and paste in the API key into the Clerk API Key field and click the  button.

Q: When a customer makes a purchase in ClickBank nothing is being registered in MemberMouse

A. This is most likely because the product that they're purchasing in ClickBank isn't mapped to a MemberMouse product. Double check that you've setup your product mappings correctly.

Q: How do I add a ClickBank purchase link to my site

A.  You can create a purchase link for your website by following ClickBank's instructions here:

Q: When a customer uses PayPal to pay for a ClickBank order, an account is created with the PayPal account email address

A.  This behavior is result of how ClickBank handles the situation. Essentially, in the scenario where someone use PayPal to pay, ClickBank ultimately will use the email address the person paid with and ignore the email address entered in prior to going over to ClickBank. So by the time an IPN is sent to MemberMouse to inform it of a purchase there's only one email address passed and it's the email address the customer used to pay via PayPal. 

One workaround for this is to manually change the account email address in the Member Details. Note that this *breaks* the IPN link with ClickBank. Meaning any refund downstream won't remove access to said product. So you have to track these refunds manually.