With MemberMouse, you can configure two types of payment methods: onsite and offsite. 

Onsite payment methods allow you to collect credit card information right on your site, which means your customers can complete the entire checkout process without being directed to another site. 

With offsite payment methods like PayPal, MemberMouse sends the customer to a secure 3rd party website to complete their purchase. Following the successful completion of their order on the 3rd party site, MemberMouse will be notified and the appropriate account-related actions will be taken.

Onsite payment providers offer seamless user interactions with your site and also allow for certain extra features such as Automated Overdue Payment Handling1-Click Purchasing, and payment profile tokenization. All of which allow MemberMouse to handle Recurring Billing.  

Onsite Provider Options:

You can have one onsite payment method active at a time.  Below are each of the possible options for onsight providers and which plan is required to use them:

* Authorize.net does not use tokenization for 1-click ordering; for this feature use Authorize.net CIM. 

Offsite Provider Options:

The offsite methods transfer users to the provider's website to complete the transaction, and do not give access to payment tokens for 1-click orders.  They also control the overdue payment and recurring billing from their servers so there is no guaranteed rebilling in the case of failed or overdue payments. Below are each of the possible options for offsite providers and which plan is required to use them: