This article describes how to change the URL associated with your MemberMouse license and assumes that the only thing that's changing is your URL. If you're looking to migrate your current MemberMouse site to another server in addition to changing the URL then you'll want to read the following article about Migrating MemberMouse to a New Server.

Note for members using PayPal to process transactions:

If you have existing subscriptions in PayPal, changing the IPN URL in PayPal settings does not forward IPN messages for existing subscriptions. This change will only affect new subscriptions created after the change. PayPal stores the original IPN URL in the subscription at the time of creation and doesn't provide a mechanism to alter it should the site URL change later. You will need to handle updates and cancellations for any existing subscriptions manually, or use a redirect to forward the IPN messages to the new URL. This will require your old domain to remain accessible. Contact your host or domain registrar for further assistance with redirects.

In order to change the authorized URL associated with your MemberMouse license, we recommend following these steps below:

  1. Put your site into maintenance mode.

  2. Deactivate the MemberMouse plugin.

  3. Log into and click on Dashboard in the menu bar at the top of the page.

  4. Click on My Account in the menu on the left of the page that loads.  

  5. In the License Management area, click on the Edit link. This will make the URL field editable.

  6. In the Authorized URL field, enter the URL for your WordPress site. It's important that the URL you enter matches the URL of your WordPress site exactly. The best way to ensure that you're entering in the URL correctly is to log into your WordPress site, go to the General Settings page and copy the WordPress Address (URL).

  7. Once you've entered in your URL, click on the  button to save it. You should see a message informing you that the license was updated successfully. At this point you'll be able to activate the MemberMouse plugin on your WordPress site.

  8. Reactivate the MemberMouse plugin.

  9. Take your site out of maintenance mode.