There are four reasons why the MemberMouse plugin on your site will deactivate:

1. If you manually deactivate it. 

Deactivating the plugin does not cancel your account. In order to cancel your account/license, you need to log in to your account on and cancel from the My Account page. For step-by-step instructions please review, How Do I Cancel My MemberMouse Account

2. If your MemberMouse account has been canceled. 

When you cancel MemberMouse the account goes into 'Pending Cancellation' status until the close of the current billing cycle. When the billing cycle closes, your MemberMouse account will be canceled and the plugin will be deactivated on your site. Prior to your account being canceled, recurring billing will run as usual for your customers. You can manually deactivate the MemberMouse plugin at any time to keep subscription billing from happening for those subscriptions that MemberMouse is managing (if any). Once your MemberMouse account has been canceled, billing will no longer occur on subscriptions managed by MemberMouse. 

IMPORTANT: MemberMouse only manages subscriptions when payments are made through Stripe, Braintree and CIM. MemberMouse does not do this for all other providers including PayPal,, ClickBank, Coinbase and Lime Light CRM. If you have members with active subscriptions through any of those providers, you will have to cancel any active subscriptions with those providers.

3. If the site has more members than your plan allows. 

When you reach 80% of your current membership level's member capacity, a message will be displayed on your WordPress admin panel notifying you that you are close to your limit.  Our Accounts team will also reach out to you via email. If you do not upgrade and the limit is surpassed, there will be a short grace period and additional email contact before your account is canceled and the plugin is deactivated.  You will not lose any customer data or settings, but you will need to upgrade to a plan with a higher member limit before the plugin will reactivate. 

The MemberMouse plan options and their member limits are as follows:

Starter Plan - 1,000 members

Builder Plan - 5,000 members

Growth Plan - 10,000 members

Advanced Plan - 50,000 members, plus additional features

Premium Plan - 100,000 members, Advanced Plan features plus Integration and phone support

Professional Plan - Unlimited members, Advanced Plan features plus Integration and phone support

For a side-by-side comparison and pricing of all the MemberMouse plans follow this link.

4. If the plugin is unable to communicate with the licensing server for an extended time.

Every four days, the plugin on your site initiates a check-in with the MemberMouse licensing server to authorize the license, download any updates and confirm that network communication is working. If there is an error in transmission, this is logged. If this communication failure continues to occur each check-in over a month's time, an alert email is sent to the site admin to inform them of the connection difficulties and potential deactivation. Deactivation is a last resort, and occurs roughly a week after that if the problem is not resolved, after several more emailed warnings.