Professional web developers often use staging sites when creating and updating websites. Staging sites allow multiple developers to work together, and project managers to proof changes and finalize a project before rolling it out to a production server. A staging environment is sometimes called a sandbox and is the preferred method of streamlining workflow for most web professionals.

If you have not requested a staging license from MemberMouse, then this article does not apply to you. 

If you are interested in requesting a staging license, please review the Requesting a Staging License documentation.

If you do have a staging site, please continue reading for next steps.

It has come to our attention that some customers populate their staging sites using an automated process that copies production data into the staging database. If you have copied your production databases to your staging databases, it’s possible that your customers may be billed from your staging site. If you believe that you’ve done this, or are unsure whether you have, you should take these steps on your staging site:

1/ Make a backup of the database on your staging site.

2/ Delete all the rows in the mm_scheduled_payments table on your staging site.

3/ Delete all the rows in the mm_scheduled_events table on your staging site.

4/ Delete all the rows in the mm_card_on_file table on your staging site.

Doing this will ensure that no billing will accidentally happen from your staging site.

We strongly recommend that production data not be used to populate staging sites. Not only does this create the risk of accidental billing, but also the possibility of unexpected emails/push notifications being sent or any other actions taken by MemberMouse as part of normal operations occurring on your staging site.

In cases where copying the database from production to staging is a necessary part of your workflow, then exclude copying any data from the three tables listed above (mm_scheduled_payments, mm_scheduled_events, mm_card_on_file) prior to activating MemberMouse on the staging site.