Lime Light Product Mapping

Available in MM 2.2.8+

When configuring the Lime Light integration, you must map products in MemberMouse to products in Lime Light. Products in Lime Light are associated with campaigns and a single product can be associated with multiple campaigns. Prior to MM 2.2.8, you could only map one MemberMouse product to one product/campaign combination in Lime Light. As of MM 2.2.8, you can map a single product in MemberMouse to multiple product/campaign combinations in Lime Light.

To create a product mapping, go to MemberMouse > Product Settings > Lime Light Mappings > Product Mappings and click the Create Product Mapping Button.

In the Create Product Mapping dialog box, select the MemberMouse product you wish to map. Then select the Lime Light campaign associated with the Lime Light product you wish to map. If the same product belongs to more than one campaign, you can CTRL-Click (PC) or (Command key) + click (Mac) the campaigns in the Lime Light Campaign list in order to select two or more campaigns. Then you can select the Lime Light product you wish to map from the Lime Light Product dropdown box.

If you would like to map the Lime Light product regardless of what campaigns it may belong to, you can select the checkbox beside "Use the product mapping specified above across all Lime Light campaigns."