MemberMouse provides a clear interface from which to view and make changes to information associated with a member’s account - the member details area. You can see general top-level information; manage access rights; view transaction history; view and edit any custom data entered into custom fields; and view and edit billing and shipping addresses.


Under the right of access, you may have to comply with subject access requests. Before subject access requests are processed, you will have to verify the identity of the person making the request, using ‘reasonable means’. One way to do this is to have a individualized passkey or code available only to the member. MemberMouse offers two possible methods to achieve this. Custom Fields can be used to collect security question answers from members. These will be accessible by you in the member details area and can be accessed and viewed on the member's My Account page (optional). 

A second option is to use the unique numerical Member ID that's automatically created as your identifier. Using the MM_Member_Data SmartTag this can be sent to your member in a welcome email as well as added to the My Account page. See the process to use Custom Fields and SmartTags to help with identification verification.