1. Quick Tour of MemberMouse
  2. Guided Setup
  3. Master Products, Bundles & Membership Levels  
  4. Master Payment and Email Integrations  
  5. Master Core Pages  
  6. Master Member Management  
  7. Master Content Protection  
  8. Master SmartTags  
  9. Master Push Notifications

Quick Tour of MemberMouse

Duration 9m 15s

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Guided Setup

This is a step-by-step guide of setting up and using a lot of the core functionality in MemberMouse. 

Even though it was shot on an older version of the plugin, the training and concepts covered translate and are extremely valuable.

The Guided Setup video consists of 9 sections:

  • Installing MemberMouse
  • Creating a Product
  • Creating a Membership Level
  • Integrating with a Payment Method
  • Selling a Product
  • Managing Members
  • Using Core Pages
  • Protecting Content
  • Using Bundles

Duration 32m 45s

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Master Products, Bundles & Membership Levels

Duration 10m 45s

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Master Payment and Email Integrations

Duration 7m 45s

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Master Core Pages

Duration 11m 30s

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Master Member Management

Duration 5m 45s

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Master Content Protection

Duration 5m 05s

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Master SmartTags

Duration 4m 30s

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Master Push Notifications

Duration 6m 00s

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