Setting up a “Buy One, Get One” offer with MemberMouse is fairly straightforward.

For this example, let’s imagine that you have a video course that you want to give to anyone who adds the Gold Status bundle to their account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You will want to Create a Free Coupon and restrict it to your video course specifically. It may look like this:  

  2. Next, you will Generate Your Link to your video course by adding the coupon code to the end of the regular Purchase Link for the video course. It will look something like this:

  3. Create a Push Notification (Developer Tools > Push Notifications) that is triggered to send an email to all customers who add the Gold Status bundle to their account.
  4. Add the Purchase Link you generated in the previous step to the Push Notification email to make sure the user receives their BOGO offer.

    Here is what the notification would look like after the link is added:

If you have a setup example that you think could be useful as a general template for other MM users, feel free to submit that setup idea to our Suggestion Box to potentially get this idea added to our list of examples in Tips and Tricks.