The new WordPress 5.0 update comes with major changes to the platform, in particular the new page/post editor called Gutenberg.  The Gutenberg editor is a block based editor, similar to the content builder plugins that have become popular over the last few years. You can try the Gutenberg editor before updating from the Frontenberg Site.  If you decide the new editor is not for you but you still want to update, you can install the official WordPress Classic Editor Plugin after updating to 5.0 to revert to the original TinyMCE version editor. This article lists any changes that will be reflected in MemberMouse due to the alterations in the new WordPress version. 

Page/Post Editor

Toolbar - The toolbar above the editor is no longer available in Gutenberg.  Because of this, the MemberMouse items embedded in the toolbar will no longer be available.

  • Core Page Templates - The dropdown is no longer available to automatically enter templates into the editor.  We have created a Templates Folder in the knowledgebase with the code for each core page.  You can copy and paste the code from the relevant template into a Custom HTML block in the new editor if you ever have the need to reset one of the MemberMouse Core Pages.

  • SmartTag Library - The icon is no longer available. All of the SmartTag documentation can be accessed from the SmartTag Folder in the knowledgebase at that link, or in the SmartTags Overview article.

  • ID Lookup Tool - The icon is no longer available.  IDs can be located by hovering over the name of the product, membership level, or bundle from the Product Settings section, or using the ID Lookup Tool inside the Import Wizard.

MemberMouse Options Section - The MemberMouse Options sidebar section contains the Grant Access button and Core Page Type dropdown. The new editor sidebar is setup into two sections, Document and Block.  The editor itself is block based and the options you will see are based on the block you are in.  The MemberMouse Options section is in the Documents tab and will only be immediately visible if your cursor is active in the Add Title block or outside of the blocks entirely.  If you are in another block, the Blocks tab will be active and you will need to click the Documents tab to access the Grant Access and Core Page Type functions.