Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse

Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Integration. Added new payment service integration for (1744)

  • LimeLight Product Mapping Regression Resolved. Fixed Mapping Issue with legacy LimeLight Payment Service that included a new requirement of offer_id. Read here for more information on LimeLight Product Mapping. (1743)

  • Stripe Descriptor Adjusted. Stripe Descriptor has been modified to have a shorter boilerplate text and the length of < 22 characters enforced. Initial charges will now have a default descriptor of “Order# <number>” and recurring charges will have a default descriptor of “Order #<number> Item: <item description>”. If either of these exceeds 22 characters, it will be truncated to be exactly 22 characters. Customers using the WordPress filter to customize the descriptor will need to enforce the 22 characters limit in their custom filter. (1718)

Change History 

DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
April 14, 20202.3.3-100Initial releaseManually Upgrade MemberMouse
July 28, 20202.3.3-101

  • Fixed Login as member double-click bug. Functions now as expected where a single click on Login as member logs you into the Member Dashboard (1749); 
  • Added service provider column to transactions export (1773);
  • Addressed the situation where some SQL queries (such as those for MySQL 8) could not find a timestamp by adding a static initialization to set the session timestamp on class load (1784);
  • Fixed bug where a user was allowed to remain logged in and get access to protected content after their member status was changed to 'Error' (1775)

Manual upgrade of the plugin required